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September 26, 2022

Securing your sporting facility for winter

Securing your sporting facility for winter

As summer gives way to autumn and our thoughts turn to winter, now is a good time to ensure commercial premises are protected from the elements, as well as from petty criminals.

Before the cold weather and long dark days really kick in, take the time to secure a facility, such as a sports venues by carrying out the following tasks.

Arrange a roof inspection

Having a professional roof inspection can help save a lot of time and money in the long-term. It will detect any damage to the roof and recommend maintenance tips such as gutter cleaning and tree trimming to prevent further damage to the roof.

Clear gutters of leaves and debris

Clogged gutters can attract a whole host of undesired inhabitants that can cause significant damage and undesirable pests.

Set a thermostat to maintain a temperature of 4c

In the winter, a building requires a reasonable temperature to maintain its safety. Setting the heating to a minimum of 4c will generally help prevent all systems and pipes from freezing. If the building is susceptible to humidity-related issues, the temperature may need to be set higher.

Protect pipes against freezing

As well as having the heating kick in if it drops below 4c, you can help prevent pipes from freezing by insulating the pipes and water tanks. Pipe lagging in inexpensive and can be fit around pipework easily.

Grit and salt driveways and carparks to prevent slips and trips

Driveways and carparks can be a health hazard when covered in ice or snow. Help keep employees, customers, and visitors safe even in the harshest weather by covering any public areas with grit or salt to prevent any accidents.

Install security lights

Dare we say that the shortest day will soon be upon us. With limited daylight hours, it is more important than ever that commercial premises like sports venues are sufficiently lit with security lights.

Motion-detection lighting is a good option, meaning places like carparks and entranceways are immediately lit up when someone is detected.

Check window locks, alarm systems, CCTV and more

With dark days and with less people about, winter can be an inviting time for opportunist criminals to set to work. Make sure your commercial premises is as tightly sealed as possible by carrying out a simple security check. Ensure features like window locks are in good condition, alarm systems are fully working, and CCTV is in operation, to keep your building and its contents as safe as possible.

Unoccupancy Condition

Make sure you are complying with your Insurers Unoccupied Building Condition within your policy wording.

Have the adequate insurance in place

Making moves to protect a property from the elements the winter can throw at it, as well as keeping it secure from potential thieves, is important, but it is no substitute for insurance.

We never know what is in store, so it is vital that properties, their contents, and the people occupying the property are protected with the right insurance.

Give Nelson Policies at Lloyd’s sports division a call to discuss your insurance requirements this winter.