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March 23, 2023

Has your golf club insurance increased this year?

Like sports centres in general, sports clubs have faced endless challenges following the pandemic. The rising cost of living has had an impact on businesses in virtually all sectors, including golf clubs. With energy bills soaring and inflation on the rise, many centres are searching for ways to make valuable savings.
One such way is finding more cost-effective insurance. Policyholders may look to alternative providers in an attempt to save money as the cost of living continues to rise.
If your golf club insurance premium has increased and you are looking for an alternative provider that offers comprehensive cover without onerous terms and conditions, take a look at Nelson Sport & Leisure’s specialist golf club product.
We recognise that no two golf clubs and courses are the same, and your course will have its own unique risks. As Nelson Policies at Lloyd’s specialise in underwriting tailored, non-standard enquiries we can tailor our product to cater for the individual needs of your golf club .
Our specialist golf club insurance product includes commercial combined or liabilities only. The product also includes an array of specialist covers and extensions so it can be customised to cover a club’s individual needs.
Here’s what is included in our golf club cover:

• Non-negligent third party property damage up to £1,000 per loss, £20,000 aggregate
• Greens cover up to £20,000 any one green with no upper limit in the aggregate
• Damage to trees, fairways, tee boxes and bunkers up to £200,000 in the aggregate
• Members sport equipment up to £1,500 per member, £50,000 any one loss
• Directors, officers & employees effects up to £1,000 per person
• Member to member liability
• Green keeping machinery & course maintenance equipment in the open
• Compulsory course alteration up to £50,000 any one loss, £250,000 in the aggregate
• Reimbursement of subscriptions up to £500 per member any one period of insurance
• Hole in one up to £500 per member any one period of insurance
• Wedding cancellation up to £5,000 any one loss / £10,000 in the aggregate
• Contract works up to £100,000 maximum contract value
• Loss of licence up to £50,000
• Goods in transit up to £15,000 per vehicle
• Money during business hours & transit up to £10,000
• Money kept in unspecified safe outside of business hours up to £5,000
• Loss of metered water up to £10,000, £50,000 in the aggregate
• Course & garden furniture in the open up to £25,000 any one period of Insurance
• Seasonal increase up to 50% for defined months

• Directors, Officers & Trustees Liability
• Excess of Loss (Public Liability)
• Legal Expenses

• Maximum £10,000,000 Property & Business Interruption any one location
• Maximum £10,000,000 Public & Employers Liability

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