Winter tips for golfers

Winter might not be the season traditionally associated with enjoying a round of golf. However, with a little preparation and know-how, golfers can enjoy teeing off all year round, including during the winter.

Here’s some winter tips for golfers so they don’t have to wait until the spring until they can start enjoying a round of golf again.

Make the most of an empty course

With golf courses significantly quieter during the winter months, now’s the time to get out there and enjoy playing at your own pace without having to worry about other golfers queuing up behind you!

With the course void of other players, the winter is the perfect time to experiment with different strategies and perfect your swing without the fear of being embarrassed in front of other golfers.

Keep your hands warm

With the cold wind biting, exposed hands will feel the pinch of the winter weather on the golf course. Keep your hands warm when playing golf in the winter by wearing a pair of golfing gloves. Failing that, place a pair of hand warmers in your pocket.

Keep your golf balls warm

If you’re struggling to get as much height or distance on your swing during the winter, it could be due to the temperature of your golf balls. Cold golf balls aren’t as efficient flyers as warm ones, so take the time to warm the balls prior to playing. Heat the balls on the radiator before leaving for the golf club and keep them in your pocket for as long as possible before you need them to help retain the heat.

Clean your golf balls regularly

Playing golf in the winter makes balls more prone to collecting mud and dirt, which won’t do the flight on your swing any favours. Take the time to wipe balls and ensure they are debris-free between shots.

Change to winter footwear

Consider changing footwear to winter golf shoes or boots which provide more grip in winter conditions. This will help give you a more stable mid-swing motion.

Widen your stance

Tee mats can be slippery in the winter, so you might want to widen your stance slightly to give you more of a solid position to tee off from.

Golf club insurance

For golf clubs that stay open during the winter, it’s vital they keep their facilities in good condition all year round, including having the right insurance in place.

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