Winter precautions to protect sports and leisure property

As the temperature rapidly drops and much of the country hangs under persistent rainclouds, September’s much-welcomed ‘Indian Summer’ seems like a long time ago. Forecasters are predicting a ‘Norwegian barrage’ is on its way, bringing frost, rain, and icy winds.

Freezing temperatures and adverse weather conditions come at the peril of buildings, making it vital the necessary precautions are taken to reduce the risk of property damage during the colder months.

It’s important sports and leisure clubs carry out practical steps to minimise risk of damage to the building and disruption to the club, particularly if clubs are closed during the winter and therefore even more prone to damage.

Take a look at the following winter precautions to protect sports and leisure clubs for the hostile winter ahead.

Preventing burst pipes

Burst pipes are not uncommon during freezing weather conditions and can cause costly damage to a building. Fortunately, the risk of frozen and burst pipes can be minimised by lagging pipes and insulating water tanks.

Dripping taps should be fixed, as even a small drip can result in a pipe freezing.

Stopcocks or valves should be turned off to help prevent the water inside pipes freezing, particularly for seasonal closure clubs that are left empty during the winter, like cricket pavilions.

Heating system maintenance

It is important heating systems, including boilers are inspected and maintained during winter. It might be a sensible move to install frost thermostats in a heating system, which operates automatically in cold periods. Again, this is particularly important in clubs that are unoccupied in the winter, where, if left unheated for a lengthy period, burst pipes can occur.

Roof inspections

Roofs should be inspected prior to the onset of the cold weather to ensure there is sufficient insulation to help keep sports facilities warm during the winter.

Regular Inspection of unoccupied buildings

To reduce the exposure and disruption the cold weather causes, it is wise to carryout regular inspections of unoccupied and seasonally closed premises. Identifying and remedying defects early can often reduce the costs and inconvenience to the business.

Have the right insurance in place

Above all, sports and leisure centres and clubs need to have the right insurance in place to protect them from the potential damage winter poses to buildings and to cover seasonal closure properties. Nelson Sport & Leisure are able to offer wider perils for seasonal closure providing peace of mind an unoccupied facility is adequately protected during the winter.

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