The social benefits of angling

With more than an estimated 4 million people fishing in England and Wales in a year, angling remains one of the UK’s most popular leisure activities.

This £3 billion-a-year industry comes with many personal health and wellbeing benefits, including offering a chance to relax, as well as excitement, comradeship and exercise in the fresh air.

This popular and healthy pastime can also act as an effective way to alleviate boredom within young people, which is attributable to the increase in youth crime.

Whilst fishing might not be deemed as being as ‘cool’ as the Xbox or PlayStation, it is far more therapeutic and rewarding than playing ‘Shoot Em Up’ games on a computer consul!

Recognising the many benefits angling has on young people, the Environment Agency and the Angling Trust, which is responsible for delivering the National Angling Strategy, have been working in partnership.

The ‘Fishing for a Brighter Future’ initiative is designed to encourage schools to promote fishing to pupils to increase participation in angling to help boost their health and improve school performance.

As the ‘Fishing for a Brighter Future’ press release notes:

“Fishing has proven health, social and educational benefits. It can help pupils improve personal skills such as communication, concentration, discipline, and can even reduce crime and truancy.”

The Deputy Director of Operations at the Environment Agency Dafydd Evans reiterates the social benefits fishing brings to communities:

“As well as having a significant economic and environmental role to play, the fisheries of England and Wales provide important social benefits to many people.”

With more and more people and communities recognising the multiple health, environmental and social benefits of angling in the UK and millions participating in the sport every year, it’s more important than ever that angling clubs and fishing lakes have adequate insurance in place.

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