The resurgence of netball in Britain

Netball is experiencing a resurgence in the UK, with more and more participants joining in the game throughout the country.

In 2016, some 219,800 people participated in the sport. This growing participation sees around 180,000 people aged 16 and above take to the court at least once a week.

The rising popularity of netball has been pinned partly on the success of the National Team. This year, the England team won the Commonwealth Games for the first time, beating World Number One Australia in the final, an achievement that resulted in England moving up to second position in the world rankings for the first time.

As well as our highly successful National Team contributing to growing interest in the sport, netball’s Vitality Super League is now shown on Sky each week, meaning more people can watch high quality games. This surge in attention to the Netball Super League is playing a part in the escalating popularity of the game.

This month, netball will be in the global spotlight, when tickets for the Netball World Cup 2019, which is being held in Liverpool, go on sale on Wednesday 19th September. What is the biggest event of the netball calendar promises to be an incredible tournament, with tickets in high demand to secure a seat at the prestigious Arena and Convention Centre (ACC) Liverpool, home to the 11,000-seat Echo Arena and the BT Convention Centre.

Netball’s snowballing appeal can also be stemmed on the fact it is no longer regarded as a game exclusively for young, fit women. On the contrary, men’s netball equivalent ‘nets’ is gaining international recognition, as is ‘walking netball’, a slower version of netball, designed for anyone to participate in, regardless of their age or level fitness.

As England Netball notes:

“Walking netball has evolved from a growing demand for walking sports. It’s netball, but at a walking pace.”

This slower version of the sport has seen women of all ages across the UK begin playing the game for fun, social interaction and of course for the many health benefits any physical activity brings.

Like all sporting stadiums and venues, sports clubs that facilitate for netball and its surging popularity, need to be adequately insured so that if accidents occur on the court, the club has the right cover in place for injuries to players and damage to facilities.

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