The importance of motor trade insurance

Operating a motor trade business comes with its unique risks, challenges and responsibilities. It is therefore vital anyone running their own motor trade business has the right insurance in place.

Motor traders that are self-employed require more substantial and specialised cover. Motor trade policies provide self-employed motor traders with flexible cover.

Such traders may be operating on a full or part-time basis and from a formal business premises, from their home address or may be mobile.

Flexibility is at the core of a motor trade internal risks policy, enabling motor traders to choose the cover they require to cater for their individual business’s needs.

The policy may include Third Party Liability and loss or damage to the motor trader’s vehicle, whether it’s caused by accidental, external and visible means at the trader’s business premises.

Employers liability may be included, as well as public liability including products liability and sales and service indemnity.

Buildings and content cover can be written into the policy, which includes fixed glass at the business address.

Vehicles being stolen or damaged can lead to significant business disruption to motor traders. Motor trade internal risks insurance can include business interruption cover, providing traders with protection in the event of their business being disrupted through damage or theft of their vehicles.

Nelson Policies at Lloyd’s underwriters specialise in providing bespoke, tailored solutions for non-standard commercial combined businesses.

Our motor trade (internal risks) insurance is a flexible product that can be written to accommodate for a motor trader’s bespoke insurance requirements.

To find out more about Nelson Policies at Lloyd’s Motor Trade Internal Risks insurance, contact our experienced team of commercial combined underwriters

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