Residential Property Owners

This is a new offering to meet the increasing request for Professional Let properties to be insured under a specific contract. We can provide cover for Properties Let to Professionals/Students/DSS, Let Holiday Homes and/or Temporarily Vacant Properties that will be let.

Target Sectors

  • Block of Flats
  • Mixed Occupancy Risks
  • Housing with Multiple Occupancy
  • Shared Accommodation – Professional let
  • Bedsits – Professional let
  • Non-standard Construction
  • Grade 2 Listed Properties
  • Subsidence including underpinned properties
  • Criminal convictions
  • Adverse financial history
  • Adverse claims history
  • Works and Renovations
  • Risks that have been previously declined

Key Features

  • Loss of Rent automatically included at 33.33% of the Buildings Sum Insured.
  • Damage to additional items such as solar panels, sanitary ware, domestic and underground pipes and cables.
  • Costs needed to repair or replace damaged parts of the premises as a result of sourcing and accessing leaks in respect of escape of water (limited to £5,000 any one period of insurance).

Optional Covers Available

  • Accidental Damage to Buildings Extension
  • Malicious Damage Caused by Tenants Extension
  • Loss of Key Extension


  • Maximum sums insured is £5,000,000 any one risk
  • Property Owners Liability up to £5,000,000 any one risk

Unacceptable Risks

  • Thatched properties
  • Any property with Japanese Knot Weed
  • Grade 1 or A Listed Properties
  • Construction with Asbestos
  • Wimpey No Fines Construction
  • Demolition Works

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