Nelson Policies at Lloyd’s re-launches motor trade internals capability

Nelson Policies at Lloyd’s is excited to re-launch our Motor Trade Internals capability utilising capacity provided by incumbent long term partner Canopius Managing Agents syndicate 4444.

In the current motor trade internals market insurers continue to load and apply policy restrictions due to the Ogden Discount Rate, used by courts when calculating compensation in personal injury cases to ensure claimants are not under or over compensated. Nelson Policies at Lloyd’s have maintained a consistent position without knee jerk reactions therefore retaining a strong and competitive product in the current motor trade internals market.

Our niche market policy is aimed, predominantly, at work from home sole traders and mobile motor traders. Though we also have the capacity to write large, well‐established limited companies.

It is important to note that the offering is exclusively an internal (property and liability) proposition only and does not cover road risks.

Motor traders can benefit from Nelson Policies at Lloyd’s ability to personally underwrite and compose a bespoke product.  Please speak or refer any enquiries to Nick Williams in our Commercial team.

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