Insurance for event organisers

Organising an event comes with many rewards and challenges. One of the biggest challenges of event organisation and management is ensuring the safety of staff, delegates, guests and everyone else involved in the occasion.

Whether it’s a large business conference for thousands of attendees, or a small-scale industry exhibition, it’s vital event organisers have the right insurance in place to protect themselves and attendees against all eventualities.

What type of insurance do event organisers need?

The type of insurance event organisers require is largely determined by what type and size of event it is and what aspects need to be covered.

Public Liability

One of the principle aspects of insurance policies for events is public liability. Public liability is designed to cover organisers in the event of a third-party suffering property damage or accidental injury.

For example, if an attendee was to trip over a wire and accidentally injury themselves, event liability insurance would ensure the defence costs of the incident were taken care of by the insurance policy. If the event company was found to be liable for the damage, the policy would also take care of the settlement.

Employer’s Liability

With employer’s liability, an event organiser would be covered if an employee was to injury themselves whilst working on the event, and the individual was to blame the employer for negligence.

Both the costs involved with defending the case and the required compensation pay-out would be covered with employer’s liability insurance.

Equipment Cover

Most events require the use of some form of equipment and large events tend to rely on hordes of expensive equipment to run the event.

Depending on the volume and expense of the equipment needed, it can be a sensible precaution for event organisers to take out event equipment cover that would provide financial compensation should the likes of sound systems, projectors, cameras and more, become lost, stolen or damaged during the event.

Nelson Policies at Lloyd’s offers liability cover for a range of business trades, including event organisation.

Get in touch with our commercial insurance team for more information about our liability cover for event organisers.

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