Increased appreciation of exercise and leisure activities during lockdown

Life under lockdown has brought both ‘ups’ and ‘downs.’ One positive ‘silver lining’ of lockdown is that it has spawned greater appreciation of exercise and leisure activities.

Research shows that activity levels have held up well during lockdown. A survey by Sport England reveals a third of adults have been engaged in 30 minutes or more of physical activity since lockdown began in March.

To compensate for clubs and leisure centres being closed in lockdown, people have turned to exercise they can perform while maintaining social distancing requirements, such as cycling, running, and walking.

Exercise and mental health

People are recognising the link between exercise and mental health. During Mental Health Awareness Week in May, figures from Sport England found that 63% of people said exercise was an important way of managing their mental health during the first six weeks of lockdown.

In response to Sport England’s findings, Lisa O’Keefe, executive director at Sport England, said: “It has been great to see people finding ways to be active and that more and more people are talking about exercise being part of the approach to managing both their physical and mental health.

“Undoubtedly the current period has been hugely difficult for both the sport and physical activity sector and the general public, yet people are finding a new appreciation for moving more – whether it’s at home or out walking or cycling.

“The pandemic has changed the way we engage with activity and it will continue to do so as we begin the gradual journey towards a new normal as more sport and leisure facilities open up,” O’Keefe continued.

The new normal? Better work/life balance

As lockdown easing gradually eases, many sports clubs and leisure centres are slowly opening. Golf clubs, tennis clubs, football clubs and other sports facilities are continuing to reopen to the public and adhere to current social distancing regulations.

With a newfound appreciation of exercise and people increasingly recognising the benefits of exercise on mental health, carrying out regular physical activity could become a ‘new normal’ in Britain.

With attitudes to exercise proving positive, people could be committed to maintaining newly formed regular exercising habits to achieve a greater work/life balance post-pandemic.

Importance of sports and leisure insurance

With an influx in interest in sport and exercise as lockdown rules are eased and sports facilities open their doors to the public, it’s more important than ever that sports clubs and leisure centres have the right insurance in place to protect everyone involved at the club.

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