How Roger Federer maintains his fitness and prolific tennis success

Spring is well underway and the brighter, lighter weather means some exciting tennis tournaments are getting closer. Who will be crowned as the biggest tennis star in the major tournaments of 2018? Nadal? Anderson? Federer, perhaps?

Despite being 36 years old, Swiss tennis legend Roger Federer is hailed as being the one who will dominate the major titles in 2018.

According to former Wimbledon champion, Pat Cash, Federer will be the man to beat, providing he can stay fit.

“As long as he’s fit, he’s the favourite for the Australian, Wimbledon and US Open,” Cash told the BBC.

What’s the secret behind Roger Federer’s unwavering fitness and ongoing tennis success?

The Swiss ace admits that to maintain his fitness and to be able to still play at the highest of levels in the latter half of his 30s, he decided to limit the number of tournaments he would take part in each year.

In 2017, after winning the Australian Open, Federer didn’t participate in the rest of the clay court season. His decision certainly paid off, as the 19-time Grand Slam champion went on to win his eighth Wimbledon title.

Federer’s commitment to putting ‘fitness first’ enables him to be at his best in every tournament he competes in. Talking about training, Federer says:

“As you grow older, it becomes a bit more quality-orientated and not so much quantity because quantity hurts the body.”

The World Number 2 tennis player admits he cannot put in the hours like he could when he was younger. Last year, his limited schedule meant Federer only entered 17 tournaments but lost just five out of 57 matches.

The morale of Roger Federer’s inspiring story is that training should be about quality rather than quantity.

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