How are you keeping fit until your sport club is open again?

Research has repeatedly shown that sedentary lifestyles have a negative impact on physical and mental wellbeing. Since lockdown measures were introduced in late March, health professionals have constantly reiterated the importance of carrying out regular exercise.

Such is the importance of keeping active that exercise is one of the four reasons the people of Britain are allowed to leave their home during lockdown. Of course, exercise come in a myriad of forms and the current pandemic is showing physical activity in its most creative and innovative of lights.

Take a look at some of the ways in which people are exercising whilst maintaining social distancing.



Hula-hooping as had something of a rebirth during lockdown, with people of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels picking up hula-hoops and benefiting from an intense cardio and strength workout. The great thing about hula-hooping is that it can be done inside in front of your favourite TV programme or outside in the garden while soaking up the sun’s rays.



Favourable weather and our exercise ‘allowance’ during lockdown, as seen people across Britain walking to get fit. Even a 20-minute walk has been proven to be good for the mind, while regularly walking for an hour reduces the risk of major depression by as much as 26%.



Yoga has long been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety and the calming effects of yoga are hailed as the “queen of stress relief”- the perfect way to combat feelings of stress and isolation during lockdown.


Fitness apps

Since lockdown began, fitness apps have been being downloaded like never before. From Aaptiv to Fiit, Freeletics to Nike Training Club, these personal trainer in your pocket apps are proving an effective way to stay active, get fit and even lose weight during lockdown.


Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks has been a phenomenal success story during lockdown. As of March 30, the fitness coach – aka ‘The Body Coach’ – had more than 500,000 people on their feet with his regular PE class.


Live stream workout

Joe Wicks isn’t the only fitness guru offering exercise classes during lockdown. Many fitness studios are offering live-stream workouts during the coronavirus outbreak. From Tone It Up dance classes to High Intensity classes, there’s a class to help every age, fitness level and ability get through the lockdown as fit and healthy as possible.

Despite the influx of online workouts available, there’s nothing quite like ‘sweating it out’ with fellow humans. As we wait patiently for lockdown measures to start being lifted and our sports clubs and leisure centres to reopen, it’s vital such facilities are adequately insured as they remain empty and of course for that celebratory reopening date.


If you need any assistance placing business with sports clubs and leisure centres during these challenging times, please contact Nelson Sport & Leisure for support, guidance and advice.



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