Commericial Property

Commercial Property

Our underwriters specialise in writing bespoke non-standard commercial combined property and liability business. We expect to be challenged by unusual and often complex exposures. Below is a broad overview of the risks we currently deal with:

Modern methods, composite panel, timber frame, porta cabins, steel pods

Most convictions can be accepted with the exception of sexually motivated convictions

Commercial Property Owners (portfolios, industrial estates, business centres)
Contractors Premises
Removal Companies
Unoccupied Premises in excess of £1,000,000 TSI (FLEA Only. Wider Perils available)
Warehousing, Wholesale and Retails of all Types including E-cigarette
Wood Workers (carpenters, joiners, machinists, polishers, lacquerers, upholsterers)
Metal Workers (sheet, fabrication, welding, foundry, galvanising, electroplating)
Plastics (moulding, extrusion, forming, casting, fabrication)

You can pick any combination of the covers below (Business Interruption must follow Material Damage)

Commercial Combined Product
Material Damage, Business Interruption, Glass, Money, Personal Assault, Loss of Licence, Specified All Risks, Employers Liability, Public Liability, Products Liability, Property Owners Liability
You can pick any combination of the covers above (Business Interruption must follow Material Damage)

Optional Covers Inc
Contract Works, Contractors All Risks

In addition to general commercial business, we can consider insured’s operating in the Waste & Recycling Sector.

Covers Offered
Material Damage, Business Interruption/Increased Cost of Working, Liability (Employers & Public - Excluding Products Liability)

Maximum Sums Offered
Material Damage and Business Interruption - £4,000,000 any one location
Employers Liability - £10,000,000
Public Liability - £5,000,000 (£10,000,000 Premises only risks)

Acceptable Materials Handled
Green, Bricks/Rubble/Soil, Metals, Paper/Cardboard (Limited Exposure), Glass, Plastics, Textiles/Shoes, Wood/Timber (Excluding Pallets), Furniture, Food, End of Life Vehicles, Electronic Equipment, Fridge/Freezers

Acceptable Processes Undertaken
Sorting, Granulating, Shredding, Baling, Skip Hire, Manual Sorting

Unacceptable Trades/Processes
Recycling of Hazardous Waste, Recycling of Paper and/or Cardboard, Business trading for less than one year, The insured/company/partner/director or financially associated person to the risk known to have a conviction or policy caution with a criminal offence (excluding motor), Any insured/company with pending bankruptcy proceedings, Risks with a loss ratio exceeding 40% over 3 years, or have incurred a loss (any size) within the last year/period of insurance, A risk which has not had a Fire Risk Assessment carried out within the last 12 months, Overnight Processes/Machinery left unattended, Combustible material/waste stored within 10 metres of any building or outbuilding

Nelsons is able to cover a wide variety of properties that make up a general retail account.